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  • Tax Season Is Here Again! Choose Apples or Oranges. January 14, 2022
    There are many ways a tax return can be done that are all OK with the IRS, but only one of those ways nets the largest refund!  People need to understand this across America, and we talk about tax planning constantly.  We blog, tweet, post, email and on and on, yet we as an industry […]
  • Another Tax Season is Almost Upon Us January 7, 2022
    Tax filing season is looming again, with the IRS saying they will begin accepting returns between January 24th and 30th. However, it is possible that the IRS will delay the start of tax season a week or so beyond that, and returns containing Earned Income Tax (EITC) or Child Tax (CTC) credits may have refunds […]
  • Happy New Year! December 30, 2021
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  • Happy Holidays! December 22, 2021
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  • An Unexpected Christmas Present to Business Owners from the IRS December 17, 2021
    The IRS as Santa Claus?  A gift under the tree that every business owner should want to open!  Often the IRS makes new tax rules in reaction to a natural disaster, such as extending the filing deadline for Kentuckians after devastating tornadoes struck. Other rules are put in place to deal with changing financial dynamics, […]
  • If You Give to Charities or Have Plans to In the Future, It’s Not Too Late to Cut Your Current Tax Bill in Half! December 10, 2021
    Many people have the intention of doing a better job of “tax planning” in order to start having more favorable outcomes, but busy lives and life interruptions can leave them little time.  If this is you, you’re not alone.  Time flies even in normal times, but with the current stressful environment, everyone is scrambling even […]

Are You Changing Your Behavior to Match the New Tax Rules in Effect Now?

Many people don’t really think about their taxes until the snow is flying and the first document arrives in the mail. Why would you, right? Year in and year out people often get into a set of habits around getting things together for their preparer. That`s usually not a bad thing, but in a year…
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