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  • The Tax Clock Is Ticking September 23, 2022
    We are nearing the October filing deadline, so all the crying is almost over for last year’s tax return submissions.   We’ve blogged throughout the summer on various topics, but now you’re down to a few weeks to effectively do 90% of what can be done to affect your current year tax liability.  Only a few things can […]
  • It’s the End of the Road for Tax Procrastinators September 16, 2022
    This last wave of tax filers are quite often the most productive people in our economy. Many are business owners, some with more than one business, or at least in some ways just have a lot going on, which means they usually add and not subtract from the tax base. That said, if your taxes […]
  • Don’t Let Your Stockbroker Off the Hook When it Comes to Tax Planning September 9, 2022
    Don’t let your stockbroker off the hook when it comes to tax planning.  Many people work with brokers when they buy and sell stocks.  Many people now, because of the internet, also have become their own stockbrokers, doing their own research and trading on various platforms.  Whether you use a professional or do your trades yourself, you […]
  • Why Do the Wealthy Pay Less Tax than Others? September 2, 2022
    Well, do they or don’t they, actually?  Long debated and often manipulated by the media, the topic of the wealthy and taxation has many, many complex points and counterpoints.  First, when people say that, they often don’t define what kind of tax.  The people hearing the comment usually go to federal personal income tax in […]
  • Timing Is an Important Part of Tax Planning August 26, 2022
    Have you ever seen a cat on the side of the road that waits until the very last second and then darts across the road in front of traffic? Ever see one that didn’t make it and think, “Some child is going to be very sad soon.”? I always wonder what makes the cat wait […]
  • Logical Tax Planning August 19, 2022
    It’s hard to be logical all the time about everything.  The most financially successful tax clients we serve at least attempt to force themselves to be logical, for their own benefit.  For instance, our parents, as well as a subset of the economy including some popular radio show based advisors like Dave Ramsey, say you […]

Are You Changing Your Behavior to Match the New Tax Rules in Effect Now?

Many people don’t really think about their taxes until the snow is flying and the first document arrives in the mail. Why would you, right? Year in and year out people often get into a set of habits around getting things together for their preparer. That`s usually not a bad thing, but in a year…
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